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Because of you...


Dear Friends,

When people ask me what I like best about working at LOGAN I immediately respond with the word “inspiration.”  Everywhere I turn at LOGAN I find inspiration. The people we serve inspire me with their accomplishments and contributions to our communities.  Our employees inspire me by their dedication, kindness and compassion for our clients – and they are also very good at what they do. LOGAN’s donors inspire me with their generosity and confidence in us to be good stewards of their personal resources.  Our volunteers give me inspiration with their thousands of hours given to us.  And our families inspire me with their trust they put in us to care for those they love.  There are many things I enjoy about LOGAN, yet it’s all of those sources of inspiration that make me proud to serve all of you.

For 69 years, LOGAN has strived to be a leader in providing services and resource to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  Our history includes bold advocacy and innovative programs.  We have a vision of a community where kindness and dignity enrich the lives of everyone and because of that we are always called to do more.  Those traditions continue today with our newest endeavor – the acquisition of Hannah & Friends Neighborhood in November 2019.  This larger and more diverse LOGAN expands our physical resources with an additional 40 acres of property, allowing us to extend and diversify our impact today, tomorrow and forever.

Last year we were recognized with two local honors – the South Bend Tribune’s “Best Community Involvement” and “Best Company Culture” awards.  Both of these represent two things that are very important to us.  Community involvement has always been a fundamental belief of LOGAN.  We continue to create opportunities for our clients and staff to make meaningful contributions to our community and in return enjoy the value of being a part of a greater good.  Our culture may be viewed different ways by different people.  I like to look at it as it is described by Ben Horowitz in his book What You Do is Who You Are.  He defines culture as how you work.  When defining culture this way it is easy for me to see why we were honored with the “Best Company Culture” award.  LOGAN is so much more than what we do for our clients and their families.  It’s the how we change lives, create impact and provide meaningful experiences that defines what the LOGAN culture is all about.

LOGAN turns 70 years old in the fall of 2020.  I want to invite you to join us on our journey this year. Champion our cause to others.  Invite them to join us.  Invest in our work.  By doing so you will add to all of the inspiration found at LOGAN.  Thank you for believing in the work we do and for those we do it.

Sincerely and with much gratitude, 


Matt Harrington,

President & CEO

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